Spreading Acceptance of ASD

Acceptance Week

Acceptance Week 2020: TBD

We host an Annual Autism Acceptance Week to spread acceptance to Autism Spectrum Disorder. People with autism face numerous, often hidden, challenges every day, and Acceptance Week is a way to remind the Cal community of the importance of autism research, acceptance, and support.

Why is Autism Acceptance important?

  • Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder, yet the most underfunded.
  • 35 percent of young adults (ages 19-23) with autism have not had a job or received postgraduate education after leaving high school. (Shattuck et al., 2012)
  • Better overall understanding of autism may improve:
  • the chances of an early diagnosis and support for infants with Autism
  • lower incidents of bullying at school for children with Autism
  • employment prospects for adults with Autism